Baileys ice-cream cake recipe

Baileys ice-cream cake recipe


Baileys ice-cream cake recipe

The ingredient of Baileys ice-cream cake recipe

  1. 1 x 380g packet unfilled chocolate sponge cake (see be aware)
  2. 300g darkish chocolate ice-cream
  3. 300g chocolate ice-cream
  4. 300g espresso ice-cream
  5. 300g vanilla ice-cream
  6. 2 tablespoons Baileys Irish Cream liqueur, plus more, to drizzle
  7. 300ml carton thickened cream, whipped
  8. Cocoa powder, to dirt
  9. Chocolate sauce, to drizzle

The instruction how to make Baileys ice-cream cake recipe

  1. Release the bottom of a 20cm springform pan and invert. Line the bottom with baking paper and cozy within the pan, permitting the rims to overhang. Grease the side of the pan and line with baking paper, extending the paper about 1.5cm above the rim.
  2. Use a sharp serrated knife to slice the cake horizontally so the bottom layer is set 1.5cm thick. Place in the base of the organized pan. Slice the cake once more to get any other 1.5cm-thick layer. Cut pieces from this deposit to fill in any gaps within the pan, so the base is completely blanketed.
  3. Use a big spoon to scoop flat pieces of the dark chocolate ice-cream over the cake. Allow to slightly soften, then unfold it in a good layer (see note). Place in the freezer for 1 hour or until company. Repeat to make a layer of chocolate ice-cream then espresso ice-cream.
  4. Scoop the vanilla ice-cream right into a massive bowl and drizzle with the Baileys. Use a big metal spoon to combine fast, making sure the ice-cream doesnu2019t melt. Spread over the coffee ice-cream and vicinity within the freezer for six hours or overnight to kick back.
  5. Place a platter inside the freezer to relax. Remove the cake from the pan and get rid of the baking paper. Place the cake on the chilled platter.
  6. Top with whipped cream and dirt with cocoa powder. Drizzle with chocolate sauce and serve with more Baileys. Serve right now or return to the freezer till required u2013 the cream on pinnacle can be eaten frozen.

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